How to Capture Screen and Get Screenshots

Click 2 Crop allows you to get a screenshots and save them as a image files.

Press Ctrl+Shift+3 to take a screenshot of your desktop without Click 2 Crop window.

Beside that, or if you like to include Click 2 Crop window into screenshot you may use old good Print Screen keyboard button:

Just press Print Screen keyboard button. Usually this button is at the right top corner of standard keyboard. (next to F12 key)

After you have press Print Scrn button select from Menu Edit - Paste Input from clipboard or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl-V. You will see your desktop in the input image area of Click 2 Crop. Now you may save it as a file.

graphic graphic graphic Tip:
Use Print Scrn button for capture whole desktop.
Use Alt + Print Scrn buttons to capture only active window.
(Alt button usually is on the bottom of the keyboard next to the Space bar)
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