Preferences: System Tab

Preferences: System Tab.

Context menu:

Add system rightclick context menu
When you press this button program will add "Open with Click 2 Crop" shortcut menu to your system context menu. I.e. when you are using Windows Explorer you can right click on picture file and will get "Open with Click 2 Crop" option along with other windows system options like "Preview", "Copy", "Paste" etc...

Remove Click2Crop from rightclick context menu
Press this button to remove "Open with Click 2 Crop" shortcut from your system context menu.

System settings:

Pre-read next file into cache
If this option is ON, Click 2 Crop starts to prepare for opening next file in folder as soon as current file is loaded. This way you may browse through the files with more comfort.

Smooth manual rotation with Shift key
When you drag top right corner of the input panel you may manually rotate input image. You may rotate it seamless (with 0.01 degrees increment) or with 15 degrees steps. This option toggle default and shift modified dragging.

Use simple standard Save As dialogue
When this option is checked you will use standard Save As dialogue instead of Extended Save As Dialogue.

Hot Keys:

You may set a custom keyboard shortcuts for most used functions here:
Next image: - Default PgDn
Prev image: - Default PgUp
Crop+Save: - Default F7

Resize Cropping Tool with Mouse Wheel - This check box to enable a mouse wheel for resizing cropping tool.

Wheel Sensitivity - This is a value for normal resizing speed, not altered with modifier keys.

With Shift Key - When you use mouse wheel with Shift key pressed, normal speed is increased multiplying by this value. Default if 5 times faster.

With Ctrl Key - When you use mouse wheel with Ctrl key pressed, normal speed is decreased dividing by this value. Default is 2 times slower.

Set Default Wheel Speed - This sets default values: Speed: 40, Accelerated: 5 times, Slow: 2

Cropping Tool
Sometimes, especially when you use a monitor with high DPI resolution, it is hard to "catch" the cropping tool by it's resizing border. With following setting you may adjust the size of "active sensitive area", this way you may easier catch cropping tool resizing handles.

Cursor Sensitive Area - Use this value to expand cursor sensitive area for crop selection. Default value is 1.

Set Default Value - This sets default value: 1.

Exit this screen without saving.

Save preferences and exit this screen.

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