Artistic Borders

Artistic Border Setup Window.  
On this screen you may choose shape and color of border that you like to use.

To select a border shape please scroll grid and select the cell that you like.

You may change color of the shape with three different ways:

1 - Click on the colored rectangle to open system Color Selection dialogue.
2 - Press Eyedropper button and drag it over the screen. You may drag it not only over Click 2 Crop screen but over whole desktop and other applications windows.
3 - Enter the color as a hex values in RGB format. For example: FF0000 is
Red,0000FF is Blue and so on...

You may add you own borders into the program. Borders are black and white bitmap (*.bmp) files that must have name that starts with "mask" (like mask01.bmp). Place these images into subfolder "borders" and restart the program. Black areas of the borders will be nontransparent border areas filled with selected color. White areas will be transparent areas. Gray areas are semitransparent.

Bitmap border mask applied. The background color of this help document was selected as Mask color. Eyedropper tool was used.

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