Text Setup Screen

Text Setup Screen.

You may add up to two multiline text captions into your image. Use Text 1 and Text 2 buttons on the
Main screen.

Enter your text into text boxes.
Along with your custom text you may add file name, date, time and size and some additional of photo properties.

These meta characters are working with any image files:
$F - for file name.
$D - for file date. (If there is
EXIF info for file date the program will take it.)
$T - for file time. (If there is
EXIF info for file time the program will take it.)
$S - for file size.

If your files have additional
EXIF information you may use the following meta characters:
$XM - for camera model name.
$XS - for exposure time (i.e. shutter speed).
$XF - for apperture number.
$XI - for ISO speed number.
$XL - for focal length.

For a new line please use this meta character:
$P - for new line.

You may select a color for the text and color for text shadow in a three different ways:
1 - Click on colored rectangle to open system Color Selection dialogue.
2 - Press Eyedropper button and drag it over the screen. You may drag it not only over Click 2 Crop screen but over whole desktop and other applications windows.
3 - Enter the color as a hex values.

Also you may set a transparency percent for text and shadow.

Select rough text placement with Align radioboxes.
To finetune the text placement please set a margins in pixels or in percents of image width in Placement section.

At the bottom of this screen you can select a size of your text.
If you will select size in pixels - your text will be printed with same pixel size. Please note that if you change whole crop size then relative size of text will be changed.
If you will select size in percents - your text will be printed with different pixel size but relative size of the text will be the same for all crop sizes.

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