File List Screen

Select drive and folder and file types here. When you'll run the program next time your last opened folder will be opened at start up as a default.

There are two view modes: Report and Thumbnails:

File List in Report Mode.
File List in Thumbnails Mode.  

Also there are two layout modes: Vertical (above) and Horizontal (below):

Horizontal File List in Thumbnails Mode.

Toggle Vertical and Horizontal Layouts.  Use this button to toggle Vertical and Horizontal Layouts.

File Formats Checkbox List.
  Use this button to show/hide used file formats checkbox list.

Toggle Show / Hide a Folder Tree.
  Use this button to show/hide a folder tree.

Toggle Report and Thumbnails View Modes.
  Use this button to toggle Report and Thumbnails view modes.

Call Thumbnail Options Screen.
  Use this button to show/hide a Thumbnail Options screen.

Used file formats checkbox list

Used File Formats Checkbox List

Check file type(s) that you want to browse in folder.

Thumbnail Options screen

Thumbnail Options Screen.

Details - Show files details along with previews.
Captions - Show file names below previews.
Hints - Show hints with file details.

Border - Width of border around the Thumbnail
Width -  Width of the Thumbnail.
Height -  Height of the Thumbnail.
Spacing X - Horizontal distance between Thumbnails.
Spacing Y - Vertical distance between Thumbnails.

graphic graphic Tip:
There is no "Autorefresh" in the File List. This feature was removed intentionally. This way it is possible to save cropped images into the same folder and in same file format as your original images and program still be browsing only original images. To manually refresh the File List please press F5 keyboard key.

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