Remove Red Eye Tool

Remove Red Eye Tool - Start.

Remove Red Eye Tool - Complete.

Red Color Sensitivity.

Use upper slider to adjust red color sensitivity. It affects colors inside the pupil mostly.

Outer Color Sensitivity.

Middle slider mostly affects color correction outside eye area. (Skin colors)

Darkness of the Corrected Area.

Lower slider let you change darkness of the corrected area.

Press  Zoom Out.
  and  Zoom In.  buttons for easy navigation.

When you have corrected one red eye you had to press Apply button before starting correct next red eye area.

When all red eye areas are corrected - press OK button to return to the main program screen and save your work.

Revert button will undo all corrections.

Press Cancel button to undo all corrections and return to the main program screen.

graphic graphic graphic Tip:
Instead of dragging selection over the image you can Right Click with your mouse over the red eye area. Center of the selection will jumps into the mouse position.

graphic graphic Tip:
Keyboard shortcuts:
Press Space bar for Apply.
Press Enter key for OK.
Press Esc key for Cancel.

graphic graphic graphic Tip:
Green and Blue eyes correction:
Green Cat Eye.
Beside Red Eye Correction Click 2 Crop allows you Green and Blue eyes correction. Sometimes these colors are visible on the photos of pets or animals. For switching to Green or Blue eyes mode please press  R G B buttons.

Cat Eyes Before Correction.
Cat Eyes After Correction.
Click 2 Crop - (C) 2000-2018 by Boris A. Glazer.