JPEG Compression Expert

JPEG Compression Expert Window.
JPEG Compression Expert window allows you to select JPEG compression level and on the fly preview compressed file to see how the chosen compression affects your image.

General rule: saving with less quality will give you smaller file size.

To select JPEG compression level use a slider bar on the top of the window or JPG quality textbox.

After you have changed these values program will compress your image and show it in the Output panel of the main window.

Program uses initial settings for this window as they are in the
Preferences: General Tab.

If you press Apply as default button, your current JPEG Compression settings will be set as default in the Preferences screen.

Note: Saving with
EXIF increase jpeg image file size.
EXIF with preview thumbnail will add about 15 - 20  Kb to the file size.
EXIF without preview thumbnail will add about 1 Kb to the file size.
If you prepare your images for website and want them as small as possible you don't need keep EXIF.

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