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These guide lines can help you with photography composition.

Search Photography Composition or Rule of Thirds for more tips and hints.

If you don't need these additional guides - please select None from menu.

Grid Over Preview - it draws a lines over preview panel

Preview Grid Setup - select it to control grid lines. It brings up a special setup dialogue.

Mark Cropped Areas
This option helps you not forget what parts of image already were cropped. When this feature is enabled Click 2 Crop will draw colored rectangle over saved area of the image. No need to say that these rectangles are drawn only on the Click 2 crop's screen. Your image will not be spoiled. It's just kind of reminder for you for not to saving the same part of the picture twice. You may instantly remove the marks with Remove Crop Marks menu option. Otherwise you may disable or adjust marking option via Preferences screen.

Remove Crop Marks
This will instantly remove cropping marks.

Please see more about Marked Cropped Areas in the Display Tab of the Preferences Screen.
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