Preferences: Display Tab

Preferences: Display Tab.

Full Screen/Slide Show

Show Captions in Fullscreen Mode.
If this option is on, information caption will be visible while full screen preview

You may customize the caption using string with meta characters.

Slide Show Delay (Seconds)
Set Slide Show delay here.

Cropped Area Mark
When you want crop out more than one picture area from the image you may to forget what part of picture was already saved. This option will help you with this problem.

Cropped Area Marks.

Mark area after cropping.
When this feature is enabled Click 2 Crop will draw colored semitransparent rectangle over saved area of the image. No need to say that these rectangles are drawn only on the Click 2 crop's screen. Your image will not be spoiled. It's just kind of reminder for you for not to saving the same part of the picture twice. You may instantly remove the marks with Remove Crop Marks Guide menu option. Otherwise you may disable or adjust marking option via Preferences screen.

Also you may set up colors and transparency levels for the Mark rectangle.

Default colors are 50% transparent white rectangle with 50% transparent black border.

Exit this screen without saving.

Save preferences and exit this screen.

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