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Click 2 Crop Features

Click 2 Crop is just like a genuine Swiss army knife - It is very good for cutting, cutting photos. And as any good Swiss army knife, Click 2 Crop is not just for cutting alone. There are lots of functions inside this small and easy to use program:



Click 2 Crop - Easy crop tool.

Sometimes cropping a picture will make it much better. You may focus on the main subject, attract attention to the subject by eliminating unnecessary backgrounds and things, and make the image composition more balanced and easy to understand.

Cropping (or trimming) is the main function of Click 2 Crop. In the left side panel, youll see your original image with cropping frame. As you drag and resize the cropping frame, youll see the preview of the crop in the right panel, generated on the run, without saving the image.

Free or Fixed Aspect Ratio

Click 2 Crop - Easy crop tool.

Click 2 Crop allows you to crop your photos in both free aspect ratio and fixed aspect ratios. In free mode, the cropping frame can be dragged and resized freely in any direction. But when you check on the "Fixed Aspect" checkbox, the cropping frame will resize proportionately, according to the set aspect ratio.

You may select from the list of pre-defined aspect ratios, which are most common used aspect ratios. The provided pre-defined aspect ratios are 4:3, 6:4 (3:2) and 16:9, from which a preset can be selected using the menu. You may also set the aspect ratio manually by typing ratio values into provided textboxes. You may manually scale the cropping frame to the needed aspect and fix it using the checkbox provided.

Automatic File Naming

Click 2 Crop will name your cropped images automatically. You have the choice to use original or custom file name, with incremented numerical postfix added to the file name. Before saving the first image in a session, the program will display "Save As..." dialogue and ask you where you want to save the images and how would you like to name them.

All the images in that session can be saved with a simple mouse click into the same initial location according to the set naming rule, without displaying any prompts or annoying dialogues.

If you want to change the output location in the middle of the session, you may simply bring up the "Save As..." dialogue by using Ctrl + Mouse Click instead of just the Mouse Click.

Composition Guides

Click 2 Crop - Golden Triangles Composition Guides.

You may show/hide additional Composition Guides within the cropping frame. These Guides helps you to make more balanced and impressive image composition. Most of the modern digital cameras have a picture resolution that is big enough to allow you to improve composition of the photo by cropping it.

Resizing and Resampling

Click 2 Crop resizing photo.

The resolution of photos taken by modern digital cameras allows you for a quality print on A4 or even A3 sizes. But these photos are too large for displaying on computer display. You can easily resize and down-sample your photo by simply typing the needed size.


Click 2 Crop - Free rotation mode.

Speed buttons are provided for quick rotation of image in 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Also you can smoothly rotate image by mouse dragging, and fine tune the rotation angle by entering the degree of angle in the provided textbox.

Do you want to save the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and make it standing upright? Simply drag and rotate the image to 5.5 degrees left!

Beside of making the world a better place by rotating different towers to different angles, this function will help you to improve your photos with uneven horizon line, which is a most common scenario with images acquired through scanning.

For manual rotation, you can simply drag the top right corner of the original picture panel (left side panel). To fine tune rotation angle up to 0.01 degree accuracy, just enter the degree of angle in the textbox provided above the original picture panel (left side panel).


Click 2 Crop - Sharpening at level 2.

When you down sample a large picture to smaller size, usually the image looks blurry because of sampling interpolation. You can use the sharpening tool to make the image look sharp and clear. This is a very helpful feature when you're preparing small thumbnail previews for web sites or want to make good cropped photos for your eBay item.

As soon as you check the sharpening checker you'll see the corrected preview on the left image panel. You can select the needed sharpening level interactively as you can see the real time preview. We recommend you to limit yourself to Sharpen level 1 and 2.

Auto Levels

Click 2 Crop - Auto levels mode.

To apply Auto Levels Tool to the cropped image, simply check the Auto Levels checkbox. You will see the correction result instantly in the right side image panel. Auto levels stretchhistogram in RGB channels and give the image required contrast. As a result the white areas will be whiter while black areas will be blacker. Usually it is used to improve a weak or a misty image, but sometimes this may distort the original colors.

Variant Correction

Click 2 Crop - Variants correction mode.

If you need to fine tune the colors in your image, you may use the Variant Correction Tool. Simply press the Variants button and you'll see an array of preview thumbnails with various corrections variants applied. You cam correct the colors in your photo by clicking on the suitable thumbnails one by one. You can add Red, Green, Blue,Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colors, as well as Increase/Decrease Brightness,Contrast, Gamma and saturation of the image.

White Balance Correction

Click 2 Crop - Instant White Balance Correction.

Sometimes your camera might not be able to find a good white point. This is mostly visible when you take pictures in some unusual light conditions (like fluorescent tubes, open fire, underwater shots). With Instant White Balance Correction, you have a chance to correct this problem with a single mouse click. Just Ctrl+RightClick on the area of the picture which you are sure it is a neutral color.The examples here are corrected withunderwaterrocks and sandset as the gray point.

Adding Text Caption

Click 2 Crop - Picture with Added Text Caption.

Sometimes you may require display of a copyright message on the image. Or you may want to add some text over the image so as to explain things in the image. You can easily add one or two text captionsto your images using Click 2 Crop. You can further customize it by choosing any one of the 9 pre-defined alignment modes provided, you can rotate the text using the 4 preset text rotation directions, You can add a shadow effect to the text, Customize the shadow effect by setting the X and Y co-ordinates for the shadow, more shadow customization is possible by applying color and transparency to the shadow, Set various fonts and sizes to the text, Set transparency level to the text and Align the text more precisely by entering X and Y co-ordinate positions. You can even set the size of the captions in terms of percentage of the image size - in this case, the relative size of the text will be same even for different crop sizes.

Adding Graphic Logo

Click 2 Crop - Picture with Added Graphic Logo.

Just like text captions, you may find yourself in a situation where you require imposing a small image over the photograph. It could be a copyright mark, trademark or your logo. You can add a picture logo to your images very easily using Click 2 Crop. You can further customize the Transparency of the logo (10 Preset transparency levels), Customize the alignment of the logo (9 preset alignments) and Align more precisely by entering the X and Y Co-ordinate values. You can even set the size of the logo in terms of percentage of the image size - in this case, the visible size of the logo will be same even for different crop sizes.

Adding Borders

Click 2 Crop - Picture with added frame border.

Adding borders to images may become a necessity for certain images. Adding frames to photographs increases the attractiveness and brings focus on the elements in the photograph. Adding frames and borders to your photos is a breeze with Click 2 Crop. It is possible to add frames to you photos by selecting from the 24 preset frames given. The borders can be customized further by selecting the colors (Even a color picker is provided to select required color). The presets range from a simple semitransparent border to quite a sophisticated, fully colored "real" picture frames.

Jpeg Compression Expert

Click 2 Crop - Jpeg Compression Expert.

Everybody loves the web sites which load fast. The main reason for a slow loading website is due to the usage of non-optimized images. Resizing your image to the required size according to the web page requirements is just not enough. You need to optimize the jpeg quality and reduce the file sizes by using good jpeg compression levels.

There is no bullet proof rule about a good and optimized compression level. In every case it depends on the image content. Some images may look nice with 50 or even 40 percent quality while other images may look awful at the same compression level.

Jpeg Compression Expert will help you find your Mini-Max optimum compression level. Simply move the compression slider up and down and you can see how the changes affect the look of your photo and the size of the file in real time. When you see the image with good quality and with a decent file size, get ready to save the image.

And much more....

Click 2 Crop includes many extra features that are not listed here. We recommend you to download the Free Trial version of Click 2 Crop and discover its true power for yourself. Go to the Download page.