Menu File

Open Image...
Bring up an open file dialogue to select an image file to view.

Open Folder...
Bring up an open folder dialogue to select a folder with images. By default last used folder is opened.

Recent Input Folders
With this menu and submenus you have very fast access to recently used folders.

Save crop
Saves a cropped image as an image file. When you save first picture in current session program will prompt you for file folder, file name and file type. When file is saved with this option file name is autoincremented and all following files will be saved to the same folder with incremented names. To change format of saving use a General Tab of the Preferences Screen.

Save crop...
Almost the same as above. Difference is with this option you always have initial dialogue open. This option is useful when you want to change output folder "on the fly" (without going to the Preferences screen).

Save crop as...
Saves a cropped image as an image file. When file is saved with this option you may set a file name, file type and path manually. Contrary to two above options this one is for "non serial" saving. You may use this option to save few particular images into some different folder without redirecting whole series into new output location.

Recent Input Folders
This option for easy redirecting your saving into one of recently used output folder.

Copy File
This option will copied the current file into selected location.

Delete File
This option will delete the current file into Recycle Bin.

Browse output folder
This will open your current save folder in the Windows Explorer.

Select TWAIN source
Allows you to choose from the scanners, or any other TWAIN compatible device (digital camera, TV card etc.), installed on your computer (if more than one is available). Click the name of the device you want to use, then the Select button. To exit without making a selection, click Cancel.

The program that runs your scanner, or any other TWAIN compatible device (digital camera, TV card etc.), will appear. Follow the steps given in your scanner's manual for scanning an image. When finished, the image will be placed as Click 2 Crop input image.

This will open Print setup window.

Exit the program.

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