How to buy Click 2 Crop
User Interface
Main screen
Color correction by variants
Instant white balance correction
Menu File
Menu Edit
Menu Aspect ratio
Menu Presets
Menu Guides
Menu View
Menu Window
Menu Help
Right Click image PopUp
Extended Save As Dialogue
Custom Aspect Ratio Screen
Custom Preset Screen
Border Setup Screen
Text Setup Screen
Logo Picture Setup
Remove Red Eye Tool
File List Screen
Print Setup Screen
Image Info Screen
JPEG Compression Expert
Preview Screen
Meta Characters
Preferences Screen
Preferences: General Tab
Preferences: Display Tab
Preferences: Units Tab
Preferences: System Tab
Click 2 Crop and Mazaika Image Mosaic
Copy and Paste to Other Applications
How to Make Instant Color Correction
How to Capture Screen and Get Screenshoots
Workflow Examples
Tips and Hints
Mosaic picture example